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Alexandra Lyons

Born in London, in her youth she experienced many visitations from ghost & spirit guides using her first Tarot deck at 11 which was a gift from a wise man. She traveled to many countries to learn and grow in understanding the spirit realm, magick workings, history, and parapsychology. She has been dedicated to serving the Divine for her entire lifetime.

She has attained her 6th degree as a High Priestess in her Path, and is currently pursuing the path toward Cronage. She has 37 years experience in the craft. She served 3 years as fire tender for a sacred sweat lodge, and has given 20 years of free pious service to the public. She has spent 17 years as a High Priestess, including 9 years as resident reader at Botanica Mama Roots in San Diego, CA - the oldest metaphysical shoppe.

She served as High Priestess of the Coven of Chaos of the White Rose in Montana & California.

Teacher and ritual bearer.

She is certified to perform house cleanings, paranormal research investigations, Psychic, animal reader and fortuneteller using many variants of tools, runes, tarot cards, candle readings,aura reader, numerology, root work and removal, Spell casting, Meditation, healer, cleansing, blessing, exorcism, curse remover, custom spell works, candle maker, dowsing, handwriting analyst, gris gris maker, crystal trans-muter and tuner, Spirit channeler.

She currently is available for appointments for readings at Kindred Spirit as well as doing readings for a wide variety of clients around the word via phone and video conferencing.

She is currently teaching classes & giving lectures and interviews on a variety of pagan-based podcasts and other media sources, as well as maintaining and promoting multiple web sites, working as a spiritual adviser to many faiths and pathways, freelance workshops at several witch craft shoppes and pagan festivals around the country.

She is the owner of Candle Blessings, a magickal and custom candle company and have the honor of advising for other coven-steads or filling in in times of need in eastern Montana, California, Virginia, Florida and Utah.

She is also currently providing candle readings free of charge for any spell work you may be running.

She and Rhiannon are working together to provide House Blessings and Paranormal Cleansings to the local community.



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